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A. Jones

Hi, we’ve had both our sons go to TinyFins. Both started at less than a year old and have grown and developed into amazing swimmers. Glynis is amazing with teaching babies, toddlers and children of all ages. They’ve learnt quickly at each stage. Glynis is an inspiration to parents in how to teach. My children loved every minute and so did me and my wife. Thanks so much. I will definitely pass Tinyfins on to who ever needs a teacher for their baby or child.

Nicole D

My daughter has been going to Tinyfins for the past few years (6 months to 4.5 years). During this time she has learnt to be a confident swimmer and really loves the lessons. The teacher (Glynis) is fantastic and has great patience with children and knows how to make them do their best. We were so happy with Tinyfins my son is now enrolled and also loves going.

Rob T

We have recently come to the end of 4 years of swimming lessons with our second child at TinyFins. It was an emotional afternoon with the three other kids also "graduating", but Harry has made real progress under Glynis' instruction and he is ready for the next challenge. Harry has been learning to swim since he was four months and there have been obstacles - not wanting to get his face wet, not wanting to lie on his back and let water in his ears, but the tuition received from Glynis has been great and he has really improved. Our first child did four years at TinyFins, and in September we will be starting all over again with our third. I can't recommend these lessons enough.


I wanted to say a huge thank you, you are a fantastic teacher and the classes have been so fun.  Eve constantly talks about swimming and is often practicing blowing bubbles and starfishes in the bath!


A great swimming school for little ones. Our daughter started at 18 months and throughly enjoyed it. The classes were well structured and it's amazing to see the progress each term. Glynis was very informative and made learning fun for the class. Very sad when we had to move to a bigger pool. At our new swim school we've had a couple of people comment on our daughters swimming skills, including our new instructor so a massive thanks goes to Glynis!

Kay Carey, Orpington

“My daughter Imogen started swimming with TinyFins at around 4 months old. Now at almost 2 years old it is something she greatly looks forward to each week. We have seen her develop and come on leaps and bounds and she has an unbelievable confidence around water that I have not seen in other children so young. I am so pleased that we decided to take up swimming lessons with TinyFins. Last week in her lesson she jumped off the float turned and swam back to it on her own. I was such a proud mum! This is a measure of the outstanding teaching that Glynis provides at TinyFins. Glynis has such a great way with the children, and an unflappable patience, they all love her and Imogen speaks about her when we go home each week. She now can swim underwater and hold her breath and it is incredible to watch at such a young age!

I would say to any parent considering swimming lessons with TinyFins get your place before they all go, it has given my daughter an incredible water confidence and I am confident that if she fell in accidentally she would know what to do to hold her breath or hold on to the side until she was saved. Glynis uses incredible word association relating to water which we continue to use at home in the bath. This is certainly an investment that I have not regretted in bringing up Imogen and feel that because of Glynis’s enthusiasm and the structure of the teaching at TinyFins Imogen will always love to swim and it is down to Glynis’s dedication and commitment to the children. I would not hesitate to recommend her teaching to anyone thinking about taking their baby to these lessons, well worth the money and an outstanding teacher.”

S Mustafa, Bromley

“Glynis we have loved Kaan’s swimming classes – thank you so much. You are such an excellent teacher, you’re so calm and patient with the babies and it’s always a joy to watch and be part of the lessons. I’m amazed at how much Kaan has learned and progressed in just 2 terms. Thanks again – you’ve been wonderful!”

C Isles, South Croydon

“Just wanted to thank you for the classes, they are brilliant and he really loves them. Sunday morning at breakfast whenever I ask him what we are doing today I get a very excited shout of ‘SIM!”

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